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Style meets Grandeur!

Well known and loved celebrity shoe brand that adds panache and height to your personality by 3 to 5 inches.

We make shoes that are as precious an asset as your feet. Our soft cushioned, sturdy heeled shoes paired with our range of classy formal shoes, snazzy sneakers, contemporary loafers, trendy sandals, stunning sports shoes, create the trends and buzz that command attention.

Look naturally tall with our invisible heel and don’t forget to flaunt.

Shoes that do the talking for you!


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Discover Martfury’s Journey

Textiles Export Company
We initiated our Textiles Export Company and provided the finest of materials to our clients abroad.
Launch Of Celby Shoes
Amalgamation of our resources and knowledge of Textiles with a team of experienced shoe designers and technicians, Celby Exports was born to revolutionize the world of Heeled foot wear for men.
Recognition Amongst Celebrities
Our Brand got much recognition from Celebrities from 2013 onwards. They loved our customizations and from that year stronger bonds with our celebrity clients formed and kept extending.
Global Recognition
Celby Shoes has started getting Global recognition. Thanks to the love we have been getting, we are more confident than ever before and have much bigger plans up our sleeves. We are working towards being recognized as the only footwear brand of men that’s known to all ethnicities around the globe. We are also working on expanding Our physical presence to be closer to our customers.

About Founder

Being an average heighted person myself and having taller friends I always felt the need for a pair of good heeled shoes. I had to import shoes from other countries and found it way too inconvenient. I always felt that looking taller will give me a confident feeling in social gatherings. I dived myself in research and discovered that we could make people taller by 3 to 5 inches with a hidden heel inside while maintaining a normal look from outside. Celby shoes received love from top notch celebrities and customers with a taste for premium quality heeled shoes. I am proud to be serving a market embracing heels and class quality.

Naresh Ramchand Chandra